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Provent A Mite


This product is a must to prevent mites in newly acquired snakes. We use this every time we receive a new snake and to prevent infestations. 



  • Trusted and proven treatment for mites
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Keeps working for a full month knocking out mites and inhibiting their ability to return
  • Used by professional breeders and serious hobbyists
  • 6oz can

This mite spray for reptiles is the gold standard in effective prevention and elimination of ectoparasitic mites common in captive snakes and lizards. Mites can easily be identified on snakes simply by wiping your hand down the length of their body and then inspecting your hand. If there are little black or red bugs then you have yourself a mite infestation. Luckily Provent-A-Mite is available to kill those pesky buggers and also to prevent them from ever coming back. Some of the other products available for treating reptile mites only work as a contact treatment which won't help you with the mites that are hiding or the eggs that hatch after you treat. Provent A Mite will actually adhere to treated surfaces and will not only kill the mites but it will stick around and continue working for an entire month, which happens to be about the life cycle of the mite.

How To Use

  • Remove your reptile's water
  • Spray the enclosure, bedding, and any cage furnishings (except food and water dishes)
  • Allow to dry completely. 15 minutes minimum but we give it a solid hour just to be sure.
  • Put water and/or food dishes back into the tank.
  • Place the animal back into the enclosure.
  • Most mites will be dead within 24 hours
  • Crickets or any other insects will be affected by this product so if you feed insects to your reptile we recommend doing it in a separate enclosure.
  • Repeat in 30 days. 2 treatments are recommended to completely eliminate mites and prevent them from coming back.

Provent a Mite Spray

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